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Wondertime Programs


2-Years Old


1-5 day options


From 9:30 am to 12:00 pm

Program Information:

Foundations’ Wonder Time program will welcome toddlers to the world of learning. Recognizing that the toddler years are a time of wonder, the two year old “curriculum” will focus on seeing the world through a child’s eyes. Staying true with the Foundations philosophy, playful activities will be mixed with everyday adventures and everyday activities will be transformed into multi-sensory fun! Teachers will nurture your toddler’s love of learning during “free play time” and our featured “wonder time activity.” Skillfully delivered as play, the daily “wonder time activity” will help children develop physically, socially, intellectually, creatively, and/or emotionally. Wonder time activities are designed to foster joy and education. They will vary seasonally and will often be nature or nursery rhyme inspired.

The Wonder Time room was designed to create a feeling of home. Upon entering the room, a sense of child’s play fills the air. A rich chestnut wood floor and berber carpeting covers the floor play area while the walls have been hand painted with images of classic nursery rhymes. The children’s day finishes in our “GOODNIGHT MOON” (author: Margaret Weiss Brown) corner, complete with rocking chair and moon. Both you and your child will feel comforted and at home in our Wonder Time 2 year old program.

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