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Christine F.

When I first moved to Orchard Park and spoke with people in my neighborhood about preschools, all I heard was FOUNDATIONS, FOUNDATIONS, FOUNDATIONS. I fully understood why after my son completed his first week of school there. The environment in the school screams “child centered.” From the general atmosphere to the way the staff relates with the children (and parents) I was so impressed. Everyday at dismissal, the teachers take their time to talk with the parents about the activities and lessons of the day. More specifically, they even elaborate on whether or not he enjoyed the activities an how he performed them. Having OTs in the classroom was surprisingly refreshing. Compared to our last school, the things my son does here are so different. They really learn and play whole heartedly; their bodies are involved with everything and nothing is teacher made. This morning for instance, my sons teacher told me he put on fuzzy orange duck feet and walked a giant letter “D”.This school is wonderful; I cant imagine sending my children anywhere else after coming here. Anyone moving to the Orchard Park area should visit this school.

Kathleen G.

As a wife, mother of three, a teacher of elementary and special education I tried to choose a pre-school that was educational, organized, creative, current, has community field trips and most importantly- lots of fun. I found it at Foundations, right here in Orchard Park. Foundations focuses on age-appropriate tasks and lessons that are theme centered. Whether your child is 3,4, or 5 they will enter a structured classroom that is well thought out. The teachers are thoughtful in their planning and considerate to special needs children. Parents are ALWAYS welcome and are always a part of the classroom. Field trips and visits within the classroom are always a way I could be a part of Carolines morning. My older children love to come back and say I learned how to write here. Foundations teaches the children to write by using an AWARD WINNING writing Occupational Therapy tool called HANDWRITING WITHOUT TEARS. It is awesome, easy and multi-sensory. Caroline uses shaving cream, small chalkboards, water and play-doh to make letters. Letters are introduced simply and fun. What a way to begin making learning positive.

Michelle M.

What they do at FOUNDATIONS is unlike any other preschool program I have heard of. I am truly amazed by not only what my daughter has learned here but how she has learned it; the teachers are extremely creative. Child based play turns into educational experiences. I loved seeing my daughter growing vegetables in the “Foundations Farm” center and feeding an elephant “alphabet peanuts” during circus week. The schools teaching philosophy is original and fresh; a perfect blend of everything I was looking for all wrapped up in one school. I will truly miss this school next year!

Linda Z.

Our childrens time at FOUNDATIONS has been a wonderful experience full of play, guidance, growth, and fun. Our son really enjoyed both the “Jump Start” and “Pre-K” programs. As parents, we have loved watching his personality really begin to emerge through his social and creative experiences at FOUNDATIONS. Our daughter liked the “Wonder Time” program so much that we could hardly convince her to leave when it was time to go. We have full confidence in the FOUNDATIONS staff. They have always been open to discussing any concerns we have had about our children related to preschool. Each child seems to receive the individual direction and instruction he or she needs thanks to the careful observation and guidance of the staff. They seem to focus on each individual childs skills development and needs. The gentle structure of the program has prepared our son for kindergarten, however has also allowed him the freedom to play and interact with his classmates and to build new friendships. Our children have loved the playful atmosphere of the summer Sensory Camp program and we are excited for our daughter to enter the Jump Start program next year. Thank You, Foundations!

Kate M.

It goes without saying that sending a small child off to preschool for the first time isn’t easy and making the decision as to where you will send your little one can sometimes be a difficult one. But with an option like Foundations Preschool, for me, it was one of the easiest decisions that I’ve ever had to make. Bottom line is, it’s just a special place and there really isn’t another program quite like it. It is the perfect combination of so many things that make a preschool wonderful. Nurturing teachers that are incredible at what they do. Engaging and progressive approaches to learning mixed with good old fashioned fun. The big bonus was the support of the OTs in each classroom, supporting the achievement of my daughter’s development, which was absolutely invaluable. I recommend Foundations to anyone that has a preschool age child. The owners are wonderful, the teachers are incredible and the program is fantastic in so many ways. The time that my daughter spent there was wonderfully exciting and it really did set the tone for a love of school and learning.

Nate & Jamie W.

Foundations is more than a pre-school to our family. They have become like family to us throughout the years. The staff and teachers truly care about the children and their success. Our 3 children went through all of their programs. We loved how every class had a teacher and an occupational therapist. At kindergarten screening, our children were more than prepared academically and their fine motor skills were above average. Foundations has found a unique niche in the pre-school field to prepare children for kindergarten and find a way to create a family, friendly, structured learning environment. We will truly miss Foundations and are so grateful for everything our children experienced and learned while there.
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