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Pre-K/Blended Programs


3-4 Years Old


Monday - Friday


From 9:15 am to 12:15 pm

Program Information:

We are proud that FOUNDATIONS has joined the many schools across the country offering a Pre-K/blended age classroom and their success! The Blended Age classroom of 3 and 4 year olds together offers an environment where students develop and flourish in a nurturing community where students from two traditional preschool grade levels are taught in the same classroom.

In a blended classroom, students from two traditional preschool grade levels are taught in the same classroom. Students are taught at their instructional level, which may be independent of age/grade level. This means they will be challenged against their own learning. This allows children to master and then progress from one concept or skill level to the next! Students will be involved in all areas of development including cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, and social emotional skillfully delivered as play!

The Pre-K/Blended program introduces school readiness activities for students through a multi-sensory and intellectual curriculum. The program has a natural balance of free play, teacher guided group activity, and our (distinctive) structured theme activity. Our teachers create a physical and social environment where children can absorb information and use it during play.


Children learn by doing, therefore for information to become truly meaningful to a child they must be able to experience it. Based on this principle, nurturing and experienced teachers engage students in playful, hands on, multisensory activities to promote growth and development in the following areas:​

Fine Motor/Pre-Handwriting

Drawing, painting, lacing, and sensory/tactile writing centers (sand, shaving cream, rice, clay etc.) are all activities that not only provide a medium for artistic expression, but develop dexterity and fine motor coordination. FOUNDATIONS is proud to use the award winning and child friendly writing readiness program, “Handwriting Without Tears”. Body awareness, good habits, grip, coloring, drawing, and beginning handwriting skills are all taught using music, movement, and multi-sensory manipulatives. *Please visit to learn more about this fun, multi-sensory writing readiness program. Click on the Readiness icon.

Gross Motor/Sensory Motor

Gross/sensory motor skills are such an integral part of development that they are intertwined in EVERYTHING we do. Children start their day each moving through a themed obstacle course designed to work on gross motor skills and regulate the child’s attention and arousal level to prepare for the day. Dramatic play and fun songs promote motor planning, strengthening, ball skills, and body awareness. Students participate in group auditory perception games and physical activities.

Social Emotional/Classroom Community

Building a positive self-esteem is a priority of the Foundations curriculum. Cultural/themed dramatic play centers help develop cooperative and imaginative play. Social studies and community field-trips foster a learning, love, and appreciation for the community and world we live in. Discussions and celebrations of different cultural holidays encourage working together, respect for oneself and others, and the community and world we live in. Children are exposed to music, movement, art, and community as part of structured theme activities and free play.

Academic: Math and Science

Symbols, written language, and numerals take on meaning as children begin to make their own symbols. The child who makes 8 legs on a play-doh spider, finds 8 shells in a sandy beach(table), and counts 8 girls in the class, understands that the word or symbol 8 has a constant meaning. Teacher directed activities encourage the development of ordering by size, comparing similarities, matching, estimating, and classifying by one or more attributes. Science is everywhere in a classroom of young children and hands-on science experiments give children the opportunity to explore themselves and their environment. Children make exciting discoveries as they watch a snowman melt, watch a pinecone open in the sun, or observe grapes shrivel into raisins.


Individual differences in young children are great. We have created a center time that accommodates these differences by offering a balance of free choice centers and our unique VIP center. Toys and activities at free choice centers change regularly according to themes and interests of the class. VIP center provides teachers the opportunity to tailor activities according to individual strengths and needs.

Language Arts

Literature and books are entwined with everything we do at Foundations. It is not a separate learning experience but it is incorporated into every activity and play situation throughout our program. Literature is used to expose children to the joys of reading and storytelling. Dramatizing stories and book making build the relationship between spoken words and written language. Language arts activities are explored by listening to and creating stories, cooking from recipes, and literature connection activities.

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